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Business & Corporate Records Databases for all 50 States with LINKS

In the United States, all corporations are registered with the individual states where they do business. There is no registration at the national level.

The most common type of corporations include: Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs), Partnerships, S-Corps, C-Corps, Professional Corporations (used for doctors, lawyers, and accountants), Non Profit Corporations and Benefit corporations.

Most states use a Secretary of State or a similar state-level agency to register and maintain corporate records such as formations, amendments, annual reports, and dissolutions. The Secretary of State or similar division may also oversee other business-related functions, such as registering trademarks and managing the state’s business database. Some state allow you to search by the name of the officers and/or owners which is a great way to search if you do not know the name of the business/corporation. However, the following states have laws that allow for some level of anonymity for corporate owners: Delaware, Nevada, and Wyoming.

NOTE: There are several commercial search services, such as D&B Hoovers, LexisNexis, and Experian, that offer comprehensive databases of registered businesses across all 50 states. These services often require a subscription or fee to access the full database.

Here is a list of each state’s database for corporate and business records.